About Prisons Hq.




Prisons Inspectorate, which is situated in main secretariat, Govt. of Bihar, Patna is the hub of all activities related to the day-to-day administration of prisons.



Prisons Inspectorate includes the following officials :-



Inspector General (Prisons & Correctional Services)

Sri Mithilesh Mishra (I.A.S.)


Joint Secretary-cum-Director Administration



Deputy Secretary Cum Deputy Director

Sri Anjani Kumar [B.A.S.]


D.I.G. [Administration]



Director [Prison health Service]

Dr Parmeshwar Pandey


Director [Probation]

Sri Leonard Tirkey



Sri Sanjay Kumar Chaudhary (B.Pr.S.)



Sri Rajeev Kumar Jha (B.Pr.S.)


Jail Superintendent

Sri Radheshyam Suman (B.Pr.S.)


Deputy Director [Prison Health Service]

Dr Prashant Sinha


Law Officer

Sri Sanjay Kumar Karn


Law Officer

Sri Rajesh Ranjan Mishra


Prisoners welfare officer -cum- PIO

Sri Rajeev Kumar


Probation Officer

Sri Shahid Anjum


Probation Officer

Sri Amit Singh