Nitish Kumar
Hon'ble Chief Minister

Mithilesh Mishra,
Inspector General

" Hate the sin not the sinner"
        " पाप से घृणा करो पापी से नहीं "

     - Mahatma Gandhi

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Aim of Inspectorate

Prisons serve the public by keeping in safe custody those committed by the courts and treating them with humanity and helping them to lead a useful life in society as a law abiding citizen after their release from the Prison. The theory of Reformation and Rehabilitation is followed in the Prisons of this State.

Prison is a vital arm of the Criminal Administration System. The Personnel of the Prison Department have the onerous task of protecting the Society from those incarcerated by due process of law. The Penal System in the Modern times has undergone several Changes and the focus is now on Reformation and Rehabilitation and not retribution and punishment. Human rights are inalienable rights and every inmate of the prison has a right to be treated with dignity. Prison walls are not an impediment to the penetration of Human rights. The inmates in prison are being provided marketable skills so that their labour will be usefully utilized and also afford and opportunity for them to earn during the period of incarceration. The acquired skills will also be useful to them to pursue gainful occupation when they are finally released from the prison. Mahatma Gandhi said "The prisoners are wards of the State and not Slaves". The prison personnel have been suitably sensitized on the nature of their duties through intensive basic and in service training. Prison Department sincerely dedicates itself for the cause of peace and tranquillity in society.

The objective of reformation in Prisons is that the prisoners on release may rehabilitate themselves as good citizens in the society after their release and may find gainful employment for earning their livelihood. The medical facilities, the living conditions in Prisons as also the training for this purpose imparted to them play a pivotal role in the reformation process.

" Any reforms must be based on the idea that a prisoner
    is not punished but reformed and made into a good citizen.

        If this objective is once accepted, it would result in a
        complete overhauling of the prison system. "

                - Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru in the book "Prisons Lands"


To reform the prisoners, help them reintegrate with the community & create a crime free society.


To reform inmates & make them law abiding citizens.
To provide secure prison environment that respects Human Rights.
To educate prisoners and impart vocational skills enabling their rehabilitation.
To encourage creative and artistic abilities of prisoners for their smooth re-integration with the community.
To have a highly professional Prison Administration.

Brief of the Department:

The Inspector General of Prisons & Correctional Services who is the Head of Inspectorate is an I.A.S. Officer in the rank of Special Secretary/ Secretary. He is assisted by three Director, two Deputy Inspector General of Prisons and one Assistant Inspector General of Prisons at Headquarters. There are 08 Superintendents for 08 Central Prisons. Each Central Prison exercises control over District Jails & Sub Jails situated in Circle under its jurisdiction.

Category of Prisons :

There are 08 Central Jails, 32 District Jails, 17 Sub Jails & 1 is Open Jail in State. In 32 District Jails 1 Jail is for Women.

Bihar Prisons mannual, 2012 [Click to View]