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About Bihar Fire Services

Bihar Fire Service was established in 03/01/1946. For that time it was the only fire department for Bihar and Jharkhand.
Currently, after the division of Jharkhand it is also working in 38 districts and 57 sub-divisions and in some other important cities in Bihar state.
This time total 107 Fire Stations are working. To run Bihar Fire Service smoothly in state Bihar Fire Service Act in 1948 and accordingly rule in 1955 has been notified.
Due to very rapid increase in Modernization and construction of multi-storied buildings in the state a new Act ď Bihar Fire Services Act 2014 " has been implemented across the state in 2014.

Help The Fireman To Help You

* Give way to fire engines to enable them to reach at the incident quickly.
* Allow them to use your telephone to communicate with the control room.
* Donít park your cars / truck close to fire hydrants / underground static water tanks. Guide firemen to water sources i.e. Tube wells, ponds, static tanks etc. in case of fire.

When Not To Fight A Fire:

Never fight a fire: -

* If the fire is spreading beyond the spot where it started.
* If the fire can block your only escape
* If you don't have proper and adequate fire-fighting equipment or agent/extinguishing media.

Don't Fight Fire Yourself. Call For Help.

* अग्निशमन की आधुनिक तकनीक - पहुँच घर-घर तक
* भवन निर्माण संहिता तथा अग्नि सुरक्षा सावधानियों को जानें - ऊँचे भवनों में सुरक्षित रहें
* एक भूल करे नुकसान -छीने रोजी-रोटी और मुस्कान
* अग्नि दुर्घटना से जबरदस्त नुकसान - अग्नि बचाव को बनाये जन अभियान
* बिजली जीवन को प्रकाशित करती है, लेकिन एक सर्किट जानलेवा हो सकती है
* आग लगने पर अपनी और अपने मित्रों की रक्षा करें, शांत रहें, घबराएं नहीं
* अपने स्कूल को सुरक्षित रखने के लिए हमेशा भवन नियमों व निर्देशों का पालन करें
* बच्चों को अग्नि सुरक्षा नियमों की जानकारी दें
* अग्नि सुरक्षा सुनिस्चित करें - जिंदगी तथा संपति की सुरक्षा करें
* सतर्कता हटी - अग्नि दुर्घट्ना घटी