Director General's Message
Sunil Kumar

            Fire Service is an emergency service available gratis to all citizens of the state of Bihar. Fire can affect households, public places and has potential to impact and damage people & property.

            Fire Service is entrusted with the task of fire fighting and rescue in times of emergency. It is the endeavour of the department to ensure that the delivery of services to the public reaches in quickest time without loss of time.

           We have unique distinction of reaching the service to village. The fire service is in process of creating fire service up to police station level. 173 police stations have been equipped with mist technology fire vehicles. The state has decided to provide fire service in 881 police stations.

            Fire Service has adopted a proative approach to fire fighting & fire prevention. Each fire station visits 01 apartment/ hospital/ business establishment/ office/ school in each week in order to make people aware about fire safety through poster, leaflets and also build the capacity of the community to prevent fires and respond when fire happens. This has generated a huge response among the community. In last 05 months we have reached 224 buildings.

            Bihar Fire Service Department is headed by an officer of the rank of Director General of Police. Has Sanctioned strength of 4633 and operates through 107 Fire Stations in 38 Districts and 57 Subdivision. Bihar Fire Service is presently equipped with more than 351 Fire Service Machines to address fire contingencies. Bihar Fire Service Bihar Fire Service has its own Fire Service Act. The main task of the fire fighters is to save and protect life and properties of the people in a fire related calamity either natural or man-made. It needs physical strength and sensitivity. However the fire service personnel are now being trained multi hazard response too.

            All above require participation and engagement of all stakeholders, the community (user/consumer), builders, architects, owners and occupants of apartments, commercial establishments, educational institutions, offices to follow fire safety norms mentioned in National Building code, Bihar Building Byelaws, Bihar Fire Act to ensure safe society.

             We look forward to active participation of the community.